Family Mediation

Family mediation provides an opportunity to settle disputes involving family issues out of court. Mediation is a controlled environment in which all parties involved are able to speak their minds and express their concerns. A mediator facilitates healthy communication and ensures that any resolution reached is fair and legal in Florida. Family mediation is effective for settling disputes involving custody issues, divorce, the care of loved ones, and issues with last will and testaments and estates.

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Elder Care Mediation

Elder care mediation focuses on settling disputes that arise regarding the care of an older relative. As family members age, they often need loved ones to provide care and supervision, and make decisions about those issues on their behalf. Unfortunately, these decisions can be a point of contention within a family. Though everyone might feel as if they have the best interest of their loved one in mind, it might not always appear that way. When everyone wants to do what is best regarding their elder loved one, but they are unable to come to a resolution as to what exactly “best” means, elder care mediation can help.

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Independent Paralegal Services

Freelance paralegal services in Florida are an efficient, affordable way to manage a variety of legal issues. When complicated legal matters need to be researched, recorded, and organized, but the parties involved are hoping to avoid traditional litigation, freelance paralegal helps.

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