Family Mediation

Family mediation provides an opportunity to settle disputes involving family issues out of court.  Mediation is a controlled environment in which all parties involved are able to speak their minds and express their concerns.   Family mediation is effective for settling disputes involving custody issues, divorce, the care of loved ones, and issues with last will and testaments and estates.

Family mediation provides many benefits.  It is less expensive and takes less time than traditional litigation.  It also preserves family relationships.  Instead of battling in the courtroom and allowing a judge or jury to decide personal issues, mediation puts disputing parties in control.  The process of working together and compromising increases the likelihood family members will be able to get along in the future and handle various issues, including parenting and caretaking.  Mediation removes the win-lose scenario created by traditional litigation, so everyone can walk away from a dispute satisfied with the outcome.

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