As experienced Mediators, we understand the benefit of using alternatives to litigation when it comes to family law and elder law.  That’s why we work with clients in Palm Beach, Martin and Broward counties to help them achieve resolution in a positive and effective manner through mediation. Elder care and family law issues are sensitive and highly personal, which means that the strict rules of the courtroom are frequently not the best forum for resolution.  In mediation, a third party neutral helps each side cooperate and communicate with one another to find a solution.  In many cases, disputing parties walk away more mutually satisfied with the result than if they had gone through litigation.

businessman shaking hands to seal a deal with his partner

Mediation is often quicker and more cost-effective, addressing timely family issues in a structure that is partly designed by the disputing parties.  With far more flexibility and opportunity to work together, mediation frequently yields better results that pave the path for the future.  If you are involved in a dispute in the area of family law or disagreements over appropriate elder care, you may be able to successfully resolve the conflict without ever entering the courtroom. Contact the professionals at Courtroom Alternatives LLC to begin.


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